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Our Toy Library is made up of a committed member community. We rely on the cooperation of all members to enable our Library to continue to deliver the service that has provided play inspiration to families for over 30 years.

We rely on our members to help run our Borrowing Sessions – No volunteers mean no Toy Library. Volunteer sessions are 2 hours each and your children are welcome to attend (and have a great time!) All sessions are rostered in advance, so you can select a time that best suits you.

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Bring your little one/s along with you
  • First dibs on toys that are returned (higher chance of getting the most popular toys)
  • Access to the most popular toys
  • Get to know our catalogue
  • Work alongside passionate and dedicated people
  • Each EXTRA volunteer duty you complete earns you a one-month extension on your membership!


Volunteering can also take different forms depending on your skill set:

  • Handy with a tool? Perhaps you could build or repair something for us?
  • Got a sewing machine? Perhaps you could make some dolly’s clothes?
  • Only got one weekend spare? Maybe we could use you at an event or to help us make improvements at Toy Library HQ.
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(how it should appear in bank account)

MEM 1 Surname

Annual Membership Standard Non-Volunteer

MEM 1 Halpert

MEM 2 Surname

Annual Membership Standard Volunteer

MEM 2 Schrute

MEM 3 Surname

Annual Membership Concession Non-Volunteer

MEM 3 Martinez

MEM 4 Surname

Annual Membership Concession Volunteer

MEM 4 Martin

MEM 5 Surname

Annual Membership Group Non-Volunteer

MEM 5 Heeler

MEM 6 Surname

Annual Membership Group Volunteer

MEM 6 Moore

MEM 7 Surname

Annual Membership Trial Non-Volunteer

MEM 7 Scott

VOU Surname

Annual Membership Gift Voucher

VOU Flanderson

(surname is of recipient)

LAT ToyID Surname

Late fee

LAT PP100 Beesly

DAM ToyID Surname

Damaged toy/piece – Replacement cost

DAM A4006 Howard

MIS ToyID Surname

Missing toy/piece – Replacement cost

MIS B3023 Murphy

PH Surname

Party hire

PH Liang