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Toy donations

While we do purchase new toys, we always welcome donations. We accept most wooden and plastic toys that are in good condition, are working well, do not have excessive missing pieces, are clean and sanitized and meet Australian toy safety standards.

We do not accept plush toys, handmade toys or toys with excessive missing pieces.

You can drop off your toys during a Borrowing Session, or depending on where you are – we can come to you!

Equipment donations

Other donations that we would love to have:

  • Sistema plastic storage containers with lids

  • Clear plastic doona/blanket bags

  • Black plastic coat hangers from Kmart / Target / Big W

Cash donations

We can accept cash donations by direct debit.

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(how it should appear in bank account)

MEM 1 Surname

Annual Membership Standard Non-Volunteer

MEM 1 Halpert

MEM 2 Surname

Annual Membership Standard Volunteer

MEM 2 Schrute

MEM 3 Surname

Annual Membership Concession Non-Volunteer

MEM 3 Martinez

MEM 4 Surname

Annual Membership Concession Volunteer

MEM 4 Martin

MEM 5 Surname

Annual Membership Group Non-Volunteer

MEM 5 Heeler

MEM 6 Surname

Annual Membership Group Volunteer

MEM 6 Moore

MEM 7 Surname

Annual Membership Trial Non-Volunteer

MEM 7 Scott

VOU Surname

Annual Membership Gift Voucher

VOU Flanderson

(surname is of recipient)

LAT ToyID Surname

Late fee

LAT PP100 Beesly

DAM ToyID Surname

Damaged toy/piece – Replacement cost

DAM A4006 Howard

MIS ToyID Surname

Missing toy/piece – Replacement cost

MIS B3023 Murphy

PH Surname

Party hire

PH Liang